LoopBazaar by Beatcraft

Loopbazaar is a cloud based audio platform developed by Beatcraft, a collaboration between Stagecraft Software & Beatskillz Plugins.

Aaron is a computer programmer and entreprenuer who has had the good fortune to work with everyone from Apple to Roger Linn over the years. Along the way, Aaron collected enough of a skillset in computer music tech to start his own company, Stagecraft Software which creates a wide array of synths, effects and DJ applications for music community. Aaron is an accomplished jazz and funk keyboardist and producer in Chicago.

Gaurav is a known international music producer, and entrepreneur. His music has appeared in songs of American artists such as Skrillex, Selena Gomez, Kashmr and others. Gaurav’s songs have appreared in many Hollywood Blockbusters such as Gravity (2013), Cinderella Story and also composed music for some of the biggest pop stars of India  Gaurav is also a creator/designer of audio plugins and virtual instruments via his brands Beatskillz & Tone Empire . Gaurav has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering from M.I.T. – Pune, INDIA